The publications listed here deal with (among other things) medical and/or rehabilitation related research for which the PLATO spectacles have been used.

Author(s) ▾ Title Location Year Categories
Aimola, Lina; Lane, Alison R; Smith, Daniel T; Kerkhoff, Georg; Ford, Gary A; Schenk, Thomas Efficacy and Feasibility of Home-Based Training for Individuals With Homonymous Visual Field Defects Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2014, Vol. 28(3), 207-218. 2014 Medicine / Rehabilitation;
Barnes, G.R.; Hess, R.F.; Sumoulin, S.O.; Achtman, R.L.; Pike, G.B. The cortical deficit in humans with strabismic amblyopia Journal of Physiology (2001), 533.1, pp 281-297 2001 fMRI Study, Medicine / Rehabilitation;
Buckingham, Gavin; Goodale, Melvyn A. Lifting without Seeing: The Role of Vision in Perceiving and Acting upon the Size Weight Illusion PLOS One,, March 2010, Vol. 5(3), e9709 2010 Cognitive science, Medicine / Rehabilitation;, Visual Perception
Li, Chuanming; Cheng, Lin; Yu, Qiongwu; Xie, Bing; Wang, Jian Relationship of Visual Cortex Function and Visual Acuity in Anisometropic Amblyopic Children International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2012; 9(1):115-120 2012 fMRI Study, Medicine / Rehabilitation;