Welcome to Translucent Technologies, where we specialise in providing the means to carry out experiments involving visual occlusion.

Our flagship product is the PLATO Visual Occlusion Spectacles shown in the photo above.

We also provide a number of means for generating the control signals that are needed to instruct the PLATO spectacles when to switch from the occluding state to the clear state, and vice versa.

PLATO spectacles are excellent for a wide variety of applications, encompassing both research and practical interface testing, that require precise rapid control of when visual information is presented to either or both of a subject’s eyes, with minimal light loss.  


Dr. Paul Milgram
Phone: +1-647-946-8633
E-mail:  milgram@translucent.ca  or


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Please visit our Applications / Movies/ Publications pages for an extensive (and continually growing) list of how and where our PLATO spectacles have been used. If you’ve used our technology and are interested in adding your own publication or video clip to this collection, please email us the bibliographic details, as well as a URL or a copy of the publication, if it is allowed to be publicly posted.